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Start effectively at January 27th, 2012, following are details of FasaPay Transactions Fee:

Transfers between FasaPay members:

  1. Indonesian Rupiahs (IDR)
    • Fee Rate : 0.5%
    • Minimum Fee : Rp. 100,00
    • Maximum Fee : Rp. 50.000,00

  2. United States Dollar (USD)
    • Fee Rate : 0.5%
    • Minimum Fee : USD 0.01
    • Maximum Fee : USD 5.00

For Top-Up dan Redeem transactions, the transfers fee between banks are adjusted accordingly to the administration fee of the banks.

Top-Up / Deposit

FasaPay will deposit as much as the received amount in our account after necessary cutbacks out of bank's administration fee.

Redeem / Withdrawal

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