While providing services for members, FasaPay imposes policies and rules to ensure mutual benefits in every transactions process for both customers and FasaPay, thus really hopes that all members give adequate attention to these following points:

  1. The Policy of Privacy
    1. Information regards member's identity from registration procedures are confidentially guaranteed, moreover from the 3rd parties.
    2. Points in this Policy of Privacy are subject to change with no prior notice, and will be announced immediately via FasaPay Official Website.
  2. Changing or Updating Member Information
    1. Members are allowed to change or update their membership information regards personal information and/or bank accounts anytime. Members are also allowed to suspend their membership permanently.
  3. Required Information
    1. FasaPay will require following informations from members: Full Name or Company Name, Addresses, Phone Numbers, E-Mail, Website Addresses, Bank Account truthfully.
  4. Information of Transactions
    1. Every transactions conducted using FasaPay services (Top-Up/Deposit, Transfers, Redeem/Withdrawal) are subjects to be verified and/or notified and will be delivered to the respective members' email.
    2. FasaPay expects for all members to pay attention to FasaPay Service Hour.
  5. Contacts, Customer Support, and FAQ
    1. In order to delivers the best services, ensures members convenience and ease in using FasaPay services, FasaPay provides various ways for members to get in-touch with FasaPay Customer Support. There are Contact Us form, Live Chat with Customer Support, and FasaPay Official Skype. There is also FAQ section which can be a friendly resource contains of all frequently asked questions along with the answers.
    2. Apart of FAQ which is accessible 24/7, live contacts to FasaPay Customer Support are limited to FasaPay Service Hours. However, ones is still allowed to post their inquiry via Contact Us form and could expect immediate reply on the next Service Hours.
  6. Falsification of Identity Card/Fake Identity card
    1. FasaPay has the full right to approve and reject the verification of member's identity card and FasaPay has right to request the supporting document in the verification process if necessary.
    2. If FasaPay find out that the identity card is fake and can be proven, FasaPay will deactive the account along with the balance in it without the prior consent of the owner of the account.
    3. To re-active the account, will be processed by fulfilling following terms and conditions:
      1. Upload the original Identity
      2. Scan of bank account book
      3. Make a statement letter stated that the previous uploaded identity card is a fake
      4. Confirm to FasaPay Support directly on FasaPay service hours.
  7. Members’ Rights and Obligations
    1. Member Rights
      1. FasaPay members have the right to get the information confidentiality
      2. FasaPay Members have the right to get the smoothness of the FasaPay transactions.
      3. FasaPay members have the right to get the transactions services.
      4. FasaPay members have the right to get the transaction history report.
      5. FasaPay members have the right to get the FasaPay balance security and assurance. This regulation is bound and limited by Article 9.6.
    2. Members Obligations
      1. FasaPay members are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the identity (passwords / PIN)
      2. FasaPay members are obliged to comply with the regulations for each transaction.
  8. Fund Sending
    1. The suspended balance, can be refunded after FasaPay receive the approval from recipient officially and known by FasaPay team.
    2. The suspended fund return time can not be determined.
    3. FasaPay is not responsible to all member transaction which are:
      1. Human error
        is an act willingly or unwillingly done by account owner (Wrong input destination account/wrong input total amount)
      2. Illegal Use
        FasaPay account is used by unauthorized owner (hacker, colleague, friend, sibling, family, etc.)
  9. Based upon Members Rights and Obligations as mentioned above, FasaPay claims to have following rights:
    1. All kind of FasaPay Account abuses will result to suspension of the respective account for further investigation.
    2. All finalized transactions are not refundable. Members balance are guaranteed to be delivered securely to the respective Bank Accounts. FasaPay holds no responsibilities for member's loss due illegal access to their accounts.
    3. FasaPay never ask for member's password/PIN. FasaPay holds no responsibilities for member's loss due their password/PIN abuses, thus expect every member to ensure the safety of their own password/PIN by not giving them to others.
    4. FasaPay assumes that all members are agree to indemnify for any action of claims, losses of demands or damages (including lawyer's fees) which are made or incurred by the third party arising from or related to the utilization of the service.
    5. FasaPay holds no responsibilities for details of any transactions between sellers and buyers or information exchanges between users within scope of this site. Therefore, FasaPay holds no responsibilities should any occurred transactions or information exchanges are not suitable or applicable disability law or if there are any legal consequences of transactions which are conducted through this site.
    6. FasaPay holds no responsibilities for any consequences that occurred during and after any transactions including damages of products or goods or services, warranties, incomplete parts, decline in products values or goods or services, as well as liability and legal's consequences which are occurred out of the transactions.
    7. FasaPay never make any statements nor guarantees regards any 3rd parties services and/or performance, includes but not limited to guarantee over merchant feasibility or properness for particular purposes.
    8. FasaPay holds no responsibilities for any member's incidental losses or any consequences arising from violation of payments or contracts, delivery errors, delivery delays, delivery which is not confirmed in accordance with the conditions, use of services or products or any other breach of contracts or obligations between them and FasaPay Members.
    9. FasaPay will unilaterally glaciate any member accounts should any trouble with the concerned account fund occurs.
    10. Should any dispute arise between members, it should be resolved gradually and, if required, be brought to justice without any FasaPay involvement.
    11. FasaPay holds no responsibilities over transactions misuses such as but not limited to money laundering, illicit goods purchases, firearms purchases, terrorism funding, and every other illegal acts which are against the applicable law.
    12. Users are considered to be agree to free FasaPay from any charge of law that could arise from FasaPay services usage.
    13. By registering as a FasaPay Member, ones are assumed to be fully agree, and consciously accept this entire agreements. Further, ones are also assumed to be fully aware of their rights and obligations as FasaPay Members and fully accept the whole conditions mentioned within this Policy.