Privacy Policy is established in relation to the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data information obtained from FasaPay Member. This Privacy Policy applies to all services that available on FasaPay application and/or website. FasaPay Member is expected to read this Privacy Policy properly and carefully so that FasaPay Member can understand how the personal data information is used.

By using FasaPay services, you are agree to be bound with this Privacy Policy. You are suggested to always read the Privacy Policy first as well as the Terms and Conditions of FasaPay before using FasaPay services.

User Identity

When registering to FasaPay service, you will be required to fill data completely and correctly (valid) regarding, including but not limited to: full name, address, date of birth, phone number, email address and/or website address, bank account number, name of the bank account owner, and other data that is deemed necessary by FasaPay.

In verification and validation data process, you must upload scan of identity card in the form of Identity Card, driver license, or Passport. Besides that, to upgrade membership account status, you must upload scan of billing statement in the form of electricity, water, telephone, cable TV, internet, gas, or credit card bill at least the last 3 (three) months and obliged to be sent in English language format also legalized by local authorities (if required).

FasaPay Member with Corporate or Store status account must upload domicile letter of business license or residence domicile along with company legality (if any) authorized by local functionary for futher verification process.

You will be asked to collect personal data information in many ways, not limited to, when you access menu of FasaPay application and/or website, make transactions and payments, activities, services, and/or other features that are available.

The personal data information will be collected as administration data and as our effort to prevent any money laundry and terrorism funding activity. FasaPay is not allowed and not entitled to abuse its personal data information for any commercial interests of FasaPay and/or other interests that can disadvantageous FasaPay Member.

The Purpose of Data Collection

Personal data information provided to FasaPay is useful so that we can better provide the services and information needed. If you have agreed the purpose of data collection to support our service, you have the right to change your mind anytime, but this will not influence any process that have occurred, where we use your information because we have legitimate interest to do, and you have the right to refuse data collection, in some cases, this may mean that you are no longer using FasaPay services, and for that, we use your personal data information to:

  1. Identify and register you as the user and to administer, verify, deactivate, or manage your account;
  2. Facilitate or enable verification of whatever we consider necessary before we register you as FasaPay Member, including Know Your Customer (KYC) process;
  3. Allow service providers to provide the service you requested;
  4. Improve the customer service where information from FasaPay Member help FasaPay to respond the service requests and support needs of FasaPay Member more effectively;
  5. Answer questions and/or requests you are submitted;
  6. Send any service notification and give customer support;
  7. Anticipate and solve problems, also detect and prevent any fraud related to products we offer;
  8. Verify identity, audits, and for obedience purpose towards government regulatory standards;
  9. Manage or monitoring the transactions conducted with FasaPay and/or FasaPay’s merchants;
  10. Record all information from your computer and browser, including IP address, cookies information, software and hardware attributes, and the page you requested;
  11. Manage or perform our obligations associated with any agreement between you and FasaPay;
  12. Offer or provide service from FasaPay’s affiliates or partner; and
  13. Enable us to obey all obligations under applicable legislation, but not limited to respond to requests, or regulatory directives, and conduct audit check, due diligence, and investigation.


Cookies are files that contain traces or activity when browsing the site. Cookies function to remember important information that will assist in using the sites, in case the visitor decides to revisit the site at a later date.

FasaPay uses cookies for session login, save CSFR token, and visitor tracking on live chat of FasaPay Member when using FasaPay service. You can choose to set up computer, smartphone, tablet, or other devices to refuse cookies or provide warnings when cookies are sent.

Confidentiality and Security

FasaPay applies technology and collection data policy, storage, appropriate processing practices, and security measures in accordance with applicable rules with the purpose of protecting your privacy against unauthorized access, improper use, destruction, disclosure, information loss, or your personal data theft, transaction information, and data that stored on FasaPay.

No data transmission over the internet or website can guarantee uninterruption. But, we always keep the sensitive and personal data exchange between FasaPay host and FasaPay Member is going through SSL secure track also encrypted and protected with digital signature.

All information you have given to us are stored in our server or our service provider and can only accessed also used in accordance with our policies and security standard. where we have gave you (or where you have decided) password and/or PIN that make you possible to access parts of FasaPay website and/or application. You are liable to keep the password and/or PIN confidentiality and obey another security procedures we have told to you.

We will update these steps as with new technologies develop as needed.

Data Change

FasaPay applies policy of personal data verification by our admin before the data is changed. FasaPay is entitled to accept or refuse the personal data change submitted by Fasapay Member depends on its change and FasaPay is entitled to ask for the proof of the submitted change, as long as the proof is valid and appropriate so then personal data of FasaPay Member can be changed.


We will ask for your approval before use your personal data information. If you choose to not receive the marketing information (newsletter), you are entitled to refuse and delete your personal data from newsletter’s list. If you are willing to receive our newsletter then we are entitled to send you information or communication in relation to FasaPay services, such announcement service, administration message, and FasaPay newspaper which is assessed as part of marketing FasaPay product. This does not include the communication about security PIN that we send to you when using our services.

Information Disclosure

Personal data information obtained by FasaPay from FasaPay Member will be stored for a certain period time. FasaPay will not sell, exchange, or send any information provided by FasaPay Member to any unauthorized third parties. FasaPay can deliver information obtained by FasaPay Member, including but not limited to:

  1. If ordered by the law and/or request from the authorities, central banks, or other financial institutions.
  2. Fulfill the compliance to the constitution, the litigation, or the law.
  3. Protecting against unauthorized use or abuse of FasaPay services.
  4. To the third party (including agent, vendor, supplier, contractor, partner, and other party that provide service to FasaPay or you, do assignments on our behalf, or the party with whom we conduct commercial cooperation), for or in connection with the purpose where the third party involved or the purpose of our cooperation with the third party (depend on the situation), which can include the allowed of the third party to introduce or offer product or service to you, or do other activities including marketing, research, analysis, and product developing.
  5. In terms of us sharing personal data information with the affiliates, we will do it with the intention that they help us in providing application to operate our business (including, when you subscribe our mailing list, for direct marketing purposes), or for the purpose of processing data on our behalf. For example, an affiliate of FasaPay in other countries can process and/or store your personal information on behalf of FasaPay’s group company in your country. All our affiliates are committed to process personal information that they obtain from us according to Privacy Policy and current applicable legislation.
  6. Other than as set in this Privacy Policy, we can disclose and share your personal information if we inform you and we have got approval from you for the disclosure or the distribution.

FasaPay Member hereby release and waive FasaPay from all demands, claims, indemnity, court fees, and/or lawsuits regarding to granting access to the information.

Changes Against Policy and Privacy

FasaPay is entitled and can change also update the Privacy Policy and/or our cookies policy. We can change our website content and how we use the cookies so that, this Privacy Policy can change anytime without prior notification. If we change or update our Privacy Policy, we will inform the change of policy through email and/or on FasaPay website and you are expected to keep update this Privacy Policy from time to time.

Third Party Platform

  1. Application, website, and marketing materials can contain links to the website that operated by the third party. We do not control or receive any responsibility or liability for the website and for the collection, usage, maintenance, sharing, or information and data disclosure by the third party. Please read the terms and conditions also privacy policy from website of the third party to know how they collect and use your personal information.
  2. Advertisements on our application, website, and marketing materials are function as a link to the advertiser’s website and thus everything all information they collected based on your clicks to the link will be collected and used to the relevant advertiser according to the privacy policy of the advertiser.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or you wish to get access and/or make corrections to your personal information, please contact our Customer Support .

Updated 2023-11-11