1. FasaPay keeps the confidentiality of all member's data in highly standard, and will be the only party who is able to access these data further exclusively without any others being included or involved.
  2. FasaPay expects for all members to keep the confidentiality of their own credentials information (password, PIN, etc.) in most secure manner. FasaPay will never asks for these credentials information of any members for any reason.
  3. FasaPay will never gives, rents, or sells any members credentials information to third parties for any reason.
  4. If, for any reason, any members share their credential to others, then FasaPay will hold no responsibilities for any kind of their loss. Should ones suspect that others has accessed their account, then FasaPay recommends ones highly to alter their credentials information immediately via provided features within FasaPay website, and contact FasaPay Customer Support to get helps to solve the matter accordingly.
  5. FasaPay keeps members information regards bank accounts and other finance informations confidentially, and will never expose them to other parties includes to those involved in fund transfers via FasaPay.
  6. Members' credentials information are contained securely within FasaPay server at Singapore. FasaPay holds full responsibilities for the safety and confidentiality of these information. Should ones feel uncertain that their credentials confidentiality could be compromised by this Policy, then FasaPay suggest ones not to register as a FasaPay member.
  7. All kind of FasaPay members' transactions verifications are directly send to respective members' e-mail.